The Best Way to Lose Fat Fast

No doubt about it, people are getting heavier. Being overweight or obese can have far reaching effects on the health and on the self esteem. Getting that extra fat off is imperative if you want energy and vitality. Unfortunately, the battle of the bulge is not easy. There are things you can do, though, to lose fat more quickly than you may think.

The best quick weight loss program will consist of several components. Relying on only one aspect of an eating plan, such as cutting way back on carbohydrates, is unbalanced and unhealthy. Usually, the most neglected part of a plan to lose fat is exercise, yet it is the most important. Increasing your activity level helps you lose fat in several ways. First, of course, is that exercise burns calories. But it does more than that. As you become more fit, you will burn more calories even at rest. In short, exercise fires up your metabolism.

A good exercise program will consist of steady aerobic activity 4 or 5 times a week, weight training twice a week, and some flexibility exercises. The aerobic activity, which can be walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or walking on a treadmill, is the major fat burner. Physiologists state that you can’t remove fat or burn fat from a specific body part by exercising it. Instead, aerobic activity causes the body to burn fat all over.

Weight lifting is good for weight loss, because it builds your muscle tissue. Muscle tissue burns many more times the calories of the equivalent amount of fat even at rest. What’s more, it takes up less space than fat, so you’ll look better even if you don’t weigh less according to the scale. Stretching exercises are also helpful in that they free up blocked energies in the body so that all the systems work more efficiently.

But simply exercising is not enough to lose fat fast. You must also take in fewer calories than you are burning. You also must keep your blood sugar balanced because insulin can cause you to hang on to fat. One way to eat for losing fat is to divide your daily calorie count into five or six small meals you eat throughout the day. For instance, 5 meals of 250 calories each would yield a daily quota of 1250, which is about as low as anyone should go.

It may seem like crash dieting would be the best way to lose fat fast, but if you reduce your calorie count too low, your body will slip into starvation mode. It will try to hang onto every calorie it can get, and the result is that your metabolism will slow down to a stand still.

What about a low carb diet? Leaving off carbohydrates does help a lot of people lose fat. By quitting sugar and bread, the blood sugar levels can be kept balanced. This in turns helps the metabolism work right. Severely restricting carbs for a few weeks can jump start the metabolism as well. The thing to remember is that this sort of eating is not balanced over the long run. Whole grains and starchy vegetables can be an important part of a healthy diet. (You don’t ever need white sugar, though!)


Source by Terence Young