Lose Weight After Pregnancy

It is probably safest for both the mother and child for the mother to wait at least three months before starting out on a weight loss program.

Mothers starting to lose weight after pregnancy should be realistic about the amount of time it will take to lose the weight gained. It took nine months to put that weight on so a reasonable time frame would be one year to lose it.

Breast feeding will reduce the time it takes to lose weight, due to the hormones released into the bloodstream during breastfeeding. During the breastfeeding period it is important to keep the calorific intake up to at least 1800 per day to ensure the health of both mother and child. And remember no junk food.

Eat simple, healthy food and keep your body healthy. Food bought as fresh as is possible not only tastes better but will have a higher nutrient value than if it is frozen, or processed, already cooked or has additives to make it thicker, last longer and taste better.

Where possible eat a broad selection of fresh meat fish and vegetables. The additive-free route is also a much healthier option. When you skip meals and deprive yourself of food then you get really hungry! Hunger is a basic instinct and it will always win out. Give your self the right foods and feel great while doing it.

By restricting your calorie intake to a drastic level you send your body the signal that you are starving. Its response will be to slow down your metabolism and store its energy for survival. You need to feed your body regularly to avoid getting so hungry that you’ll want to grab whatever you can (this is usually something fast and fatty!).

It is a widely debated topic amongst health professionals that people do not consume enough water. As a result, most people walk around mildly dehydrated most of their lives. Water is vital for life and energy, and if you are busy mum the chances are you will be neglecting your intake of water. I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking water throughout your day. It is not sufficient to drink only when you are thirsty – the best way is to take water in small ammounts¬†throughout the day and evening.

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Source by Mary kate Danerher